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Mallorca Wedding Photographer

with Marco & Leo are a beautiful loving couple from Mallorca. I got referred to them by some mutual friends. When I got the chance to meet them in person, I instantly saw why they were special. The connection between them, down every street, corner we walked by, you could perceive the love in the air, that this couple created. I enjoyed every minute I was with them at Mallorca Wedding Photographer and I hope you all like the photos. At Mallorca Wedding Photographer we enjoyed their Engagement Session and Luxury Wedding in Mallorca. 

At Mallorca Wedding Photographer I am deeply in love with this black and white image. It took some while to prepare the shot, two strobes, two assistants, we left everything set. We invited the Bride and Groom to eat and just left. This Mallorca Wedding Photographer photograph was taken once they had forgotten we were there. Well they knew we were there because the flashes were lighting them, but they were so much into one and other. You can see that love is all over the image. The reason of leaving this Mallorca Wedding Photographer photograph in Black and White is to keep the purity of the moment intact. Sometimes colour distracts our eye from the real element I want you to focus on. Their moment together was incredible. You sometimes need to go one step further at Mallorca Wedding Photography.

At Mallorca Wedding Photographer we are always ready for surprises and we always ask our Brides and Grooms to inform us in private about any surprise. We need to be ready and at the exact point to get the best image. This Mallorca Wedding Photographer photograph was taken with Studio lights to offer all the beauty of the Brides skin and to give her more light than the background. She received a letter from the groom minutes before entering the ceremony. Her facial expression, her smile is more a commercial shot, but taken under the pressure of a Wedding about to start. We love to be challenged at Mallorca Wedding Photographer.

At Mallorca Wedding Photographer we love to capture the Beauty of the Skies in Mallorca. We are constantly seeing images of Wedding Photographers with pure white skies, when in Mallorca we have incredible skies and astonishing sunsets. At Mallorca Wedding Photography we like to work with natural moments that are called photojournalistic photography. But we also like to take it to a higher level in quality and create some posed moments with the Bride and Groom. Yes, at Mallorca Wedding Photography, we are aware that you are not camera friendly. But that is our job, to make you feel comfortable and make the best images with your Mallorca Wedding Photographer.

At Mallorca Wedding Photography we are always ready to light those non staged images like your first dance. We love to offer the Highest Fine Art Wedding Photography remembrance. Mallorca Wedding Photographer work and prepare ourselves to be the best of the best at your Mallorca Wedding Venue.

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