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Wedding Photographer Majorca

with Our Bride and Groom had a wonderful DestinationWedding Photographer Majorca through a long weekend. As photographers experts in Weddings, inf you are getting married in Mallorca, Wedding Photographer Majorca is a must.

During this long weekend we had a Cocktail welcome party on Friday at the Port of Andratx, where all the guests were invited to dinner at the Port of Andratx. We left the cocktail and managed to have some minutes with the Bride and

Groom. It was very important that we captured the Hotel Villa Italia in the background as it was an important place….

On Saturday it was the girls day. They went off to a fantastic beach club, called Puro Beach in order to relax and have fun the day before the Wedding.

This is a lovely experience for the Bride, her friends and for the photographer as it helps me be part of the friends group.

Just before leaving to the wedding ceremony at the Hotel Mon Port in the Port of Andratx, the bride had a few moments for herself, where we were able to capture this lovely Wedding Photographer Majorca.

The bridal bouquet was an assorted bunch of fresh flowers and I thought they looked very incredible in her hands.

Getting ready for your wedding is a very important moment as you feel you are nearly there.

Both Bride and Groom used the same perfume called Vera Wang and it was important for them to have pictures with it.

Of course when a bride wears some Jimmy Choo Wedding High Heel Shoes, they have to be included in her wedding memories.

The engagement rings and the wedding ring made perfect match. An absolutely stunning set of fine wedding jewelry.

Just before the banquet was served at the venue of the Wedding Photographer Majorca, we had some time for family pictures and some of the Bride and Groom.

They are a very loving and tender couple and both shine when together. It was not my intention to force too much posing so I just gave some simple indications and the images are fabulous.

One of the best moments of the Weddings was the Bride sitting on the lap of her newly Father in Law in what I describe as an epic moment.

That confidence, closeness to your family in law, that amount of love and respect in the air makes this family very special.

At the Wedding Photographer Majorca the moment of the Wedding dance between the newlyweds arrived.

Such a happy couple, loving and caring attracted the eyes of all the attendants. They are made for one and other.

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