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with Natalie & Ryan’s Wedding Photographer Spain Wedding started with a meeting with Johanna Lane, from Lane Productions and Natalie’s parents at Cappuccino in Port Portals in Mallorca. Five minutes into the meeting I was booked and my Wedding Photography services were confirmed over a year in advance. The parents had a very clear idea that they wanted a big wedding day and an after wedding party the next day, so they decided to book a Collection that gave them an unlimited time on the Wedding day and time for the day after at Wellies in Port Portals.

They also understood the importance of having an Engagement Session with the Bride and Groom and this was took place in Palma City. Engagement sessions are very important to get comfortable with the photographer, understand

his work, that time flies by and most important, get rid of all nervousness, so you are fully relaxed and confident on your Wedding Day. We met early in the morning, perfect time, not many people in the streets, nor too hot or humid.

All on the Wedding day was reserved at the splendid St. Regis Mardavall Hotel, one of the best venues for a Wedding Photographer Spain. Wedding Dress ready, Brides make up started, Groom and friends getting ready at the bar and

we are full in on a Wedding in Mallorca.

Groom decided to get his final touches with his Dad and Groomsmen by the bar. So I decided to have some images in the Bar alone with his father, in order to achieve some natural, but overwhelming images. This is not always possible

with men and dads, but the images I got where lovely. We invited the Groomsmen in and had some big laughs about some “Ballerina Dance of the Groom” on his Engagement Session. There was also time for an emotive letter from the

Bride, which made the Groom get emotional.

The girls were getting ready in a large Suite at the St. Regis Mardavall Hotel. They were having fun. They loved and enjoyed every moment.

Bride’s dad appeared and it was all tears and happiness, minutes before arriving at the ceremony in the gardens of the venue.

johanna Lane and her team had done and extraordinary job, with organizing the Wedding, everything was spot on, Ars Festum had done the decor and it was impressive.

This couple were so much for one and other, so in love, so grateful, that they enjoyed every minute of the ceremony. We managed to get some incredible images of the Bride and Groom.

After the ceremony we moved on to Family Portraits, Cocktail time, dinner party, bridal portraits and fun…fun…fun.

I need to thank all the professionals involved in creating this extraordinary atmosphere and specially Johanna Lane from Lane Productions for her intense dedication and love put in to her job.

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