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was at the Bridal Store the last try of the Bridal Gown. At Wedding Photography Mallorca, we love to be involved in all the procedure of the Wedding, from Wedding Mallorca dress to Mallorca Wedding Venue. It offers lovely soft tender images between the mother of the bride and the bride. For me it is so appealing to be part of these intimate moments between the bride to be and her mother or best friend.

If you have a Mallorca Wedding Planner, please ask her to book you a Bridal Store session. You usually go with your mother or best friend and try your Mallorca Wedding Dress. The pictures are very unique and emotive.

Take into care that your wedding starts when you propose your or are proposed marriage, so every day is a very special one and the trying the Bridal Gown for the last time before the wedding day is a very, very special moment.

At Wedding Photography Mallorca, we recommended an early dawn engagement session in the North of the Island. This Wedding Mallorca Beach session was really nice and private, and got the opportunity of offering the Bride and Groom to see how a Proffesional Wedding Mallorca Session goes. It makes the Bride and Groom much more comfortable on the Wedding Day and also offers them some images before their Wedding Mallorca Finca Son Marroig.

This Bride and Groom decided to get married at the Venue Destination Wedding Finca Son Marroig.

I have to admit that have given me one of the best moments as a Professional Majorca Wedding Photography. Their confidence in my work, made me feel very close to them, their constantly overflowing love for one another and the easiness and the absolute magic at meetings, have made them my true Bride and Groom stars.

The Groom got ready at his parents’ home. I love the eighties look of the bathroom cabinet, and the orange-blue tone of the image, while the groom is getting ready.
It was such an important day for them all.

At the Bride’s Home I entered the room where the Bride was going to get ready, there was this amazing light coming through the window.

The light was very subtle and highlighted the Brides face in such a fascinating way. Her facial expression, her smile, she was so happy living her moments before the Wedding Mallorca Photography. All the timing was perfectly organized

by the Wedding Mallorca planner Christina von Hunnius.

On the Wedding day, the Wedding Mallorca Venue Son Marroig was stunning, the amount of work involved in creating magic by a Wedding Mallorca Planner cannot be quantified.

Christina from Fairytale Weddings was incredible and to make the moment more special, this wonderful light made the bride shine while walking towards the altar with her father.

Her eyes sparkled with happiness. Her moment was starting

The Wedding Mallorca Finca Son Marroig is such a blessed venue where to have your Wedding taken place. The views from this venue over the Mediterranean Sea are impressive, you are just speechless.

The Wedding Mallorca Photography Catholic ceremony was lovely. Bride and Groom were so tender and lived every moment with passion and happiness. The Wedding Mallorca Venue Son Marroig has these impressive views over the Mediterranean Sea.

The sunsets, the calmness of the sea, the venue Finca Son Marroig is like a Fairytale. The venue Finca Son Marroig and Na Foradada have an outstanding position.

The last bit of the Destination Wedding Finca Son Marroig ended with the Bride and Groom first dance, overviewed and examined by the elder ones ? and with lots of fun between the bride and groom.

After the banquet the Bride and Groom cut the cake, the Groom sang to the Bride a very emotive song, which gave place to these very emotional pictures at the Venue Wedding Finca Son Marroig.

You have been such a beautiful couple to work with, to speak with, to plan each special moment and to be there with you to capture it.

I love and appreciate you so much. I wish you a happy long life together.

Wedding Planner: Fairytale Wedding

WeddingDress: Mundonovias

Groom’s Suite: Fuentecapala

WeddingRings: Relojería Suiza

Makeup: Lalos

Haidresser: Marcos Absolute Peluqueros

Decoration: ArsFestum

Catering: La Alacena

Wedding Cake: Guindalia

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