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Majorca Wedding Photography

Majorca Wedding Photography with Marko and Anine thanks to the Wedding planner Mari Nieto. Her Mallorca Wedding Planner Company is called Heirat Mallorca. We met for the first time in person at a coffee shop in Born street in

central Palma of Mallorca. At Majorca Wedding Photography, we connected very quickly and they both let me know the how important it was for them to preserve the memories of this day via my photographs.

They are very passionate about their friends and family relationships and understand the importance of maintaining memories alive.

Marko and Anine are a very sweet couple from Switzerland. They decided to bring their family and friends to their Majorca Wedding Photography for a Wedding Mallorca Venue in Son Simo Vell Finca.

Son Simo Vell is a beautiful little country hotel, which in Spain are called agroturismo.

Bride and groom got ready at the same venue as the Wedding Venue, so everything is easier, same location, not having to go elsewhere after the party and very comfortable for the Bridal Couple and guests.

On this occasion they decided to celebrate a religious wedding in a small chapel nearby, called Puig Santa Magdalena.

The ceremony was very nice and overwhelming with splendid Daniyella singing throughout different stages of the Wedding Ceremony.

The Mallorca Wedding planner, Mari Nieto from Heirat Mallorca, did an extraordinary job, organizing big and small details, controlling carefully the scheduled planned and yes, what a great difference there is to get married with a

Wedding Planner or without one. Mari Nieto is always a win if you need to get married in Mallorca.

The location of Son Simo Vell Mallorca Venue gave us the opportunity of some beautiful Bridal Portraits. These were done in a somewhat dark situation due to the weather, but with Professional Studio Lights, we were able to make some

magnificent remembrance images of their love and passion. These guys really have pure love for one and other.

Pure love Weddings were in charge of recording in Video the whole wedding and when you work side by side with another team were there is respect for the job you each have to do and

the passion you need to achieve beautiful images, it is a piece of cake working in this way.

September is always somewhat complicated with the weather in Mallorca and on this Mallorca Destination Wedding we had some rain, just before dinner.

Due to the expertise of Heirat Mallorca and the Catering people of Exclusive Events, they manage to keep tables and chairs dry and once the shower was over, the evening was there for all the guests to enjoy.

Their Wedding images were given within 30 days after they got married and they can relive those special moments every single time they open their Wedding Album with a nice cup of coffee.

I hope they do so with their children, as they will be able to learn who their family are.

I need to thank all the professionals involved in creating this extraordinary atmosphere and specially Mari Nieto from Heirat Mallorca for all the love and hard work, put to create this amazing Wedding Experience. Other proffesionals involved: Ivan Pomposo Photography & Design, Son Simo Vell , M-Moments, Daniyella, Exclusive CateringPure Love Wedding

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