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Destination Wedding Mallorca, with swedish couple at Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel
Mallorca Wedding celebrated in the Hotel Blau Porto Petro
Lovely and emotional Mallorca Wedding in Arta town
Fantastic Wedding at the Hilton Sa Torre Venue. Destination Wedding Photographer
Fantastic Wedding at the Hilton Sa Torre Venue. Destination Wedding Photographer
Destination Wedding Mallorca, with swedish couple at Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel
Mallorca Wedding celebrated in the Hotel Blau Porto Petro
Lovely and emotional Mallorca Wedding in Arta town


We are ready to adapt and to fullfill your needs.

When it comes to media, You want it to be timeless, natural, and fun.

We’ve spent years perfecting our craft.


Shilan & Martin

This Wedding took place at the more incredible Mallorca Wedding Venue Jumeirah Port of Soller Wedding Venue in Soller.

Shilan and Martin decided to have the most astonishing Wedding in the island of Mallorca. They are…

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Loredana & Philip

We are Wedding Photographers in Mallorca and love how this Wedding evolved.

Incredible work by Heirat Mallorca Wedding Planners organizing this Wedding in Majorca. Loredana & Philip rented a private Mallorca Wedding villas to stay in with their family in Cala Blava...

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Sofía & Victor

Wedding Photography Mallorca was at the Bridal Store the last try of the Bridal Gown.

At Wedding Photography Mallorca, we love to be involved in all the procedure of the Wedding, from Wedding Mallorca dress to Mallorca Wedding Venue. It offers lovely soft tender images between the mother of the bride and the bride.

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When we got married, it was important to find a photographer we could trust. After I looked around we found Ivan. I sent lots of pictures to the hometown for inspiration. On the wedding day he had memorized all the pictures I had sent to him. I’m just saying wow what an amazingly talented photographer. He did exactly what I had asked for. We were a little stressed but Ivan made us laugh all the time, He is funny, professional and he takes incredibly good pictures! For Ivan, mist is as important as the pictures to be good. He worked very well with everyone else and everyone liked him. I will hire him again and again! thank you so much Ivan and please never stop working on what you are good at because it is you !! 🙌❤️
Shilan & Martin

“Ivan did so much more for us than we expected and made sure we had a perfect wedding. It was a pleasure working with Ivan and Manuel. We cannot thank Ivan enough for the amazing work he did. Nobody else could have captured our Wedding more perfectly. Within one month we had all the pictured and foto albums from Ivan. We are very grateful for the work he did and enjoyed looking at every single picture. There was not a single picture we did not like. To all future wedding couples we can only recommend Ivan, we also highly recommend to do the engagement session with Ivan. During this engagement session we had the possible to get to know Ivan, on the wedding day it then felt like a friend taking the pictures and we were very confident that he would make amazing pictures. Thank you! We have recommended you all our friends and family and hope to see you at the next wedding.“
Alexandra & Anton

“After searching tirelessly for a wedding photographer we finally found what we were looking for in Ivan Pomposo. Firstly, leading up to our wedding communication was efficient prompt and Ivan’s English was spot on. Ivan is a great guy to have as part of your special day and is clearly so passionate about what he does. The pre wedding shoot was great fun and gave us time to get to know Ivan before he turned up on the big day. He was absolutely brilliant from start to finish. Professional, efficient, friendly and, most importantly, took the most fabulous photographs of our wedding. Everything was perfect, quick turnaround and near 600 shots of pure gold that we will treasure forever. We can’t thank / recommend Ivan enough.“
Daniele & Steve


Getting married and looking for a wedding photographer? Well, look no more. Mallorca Wedding Photographer Ivan Pomposo will document your day in one of the most amazing and beautiful ways possible. Ivan and his Team will work with you and your family to ensure you get those epic images that tell the story of you.

You are working directly with Ivan. Why is that so important? Well, unlike all your other vendors, your Mallorca Wedding Photographer is the one person that will literately be with you the entire day. So, we think it’s extremely important that the person you hire to document one of the biggest moments in your life, is actually the same person who’s work you are looking at and the very same person who you shared all those creative ideas with before your wedding.

Make no mistake. Talk to your friends who have been married and one thing is certain, most all wish they had spent more money on their Mallorca Wedding Photographer. Why? Because when it’s all said and done, the only thing left to remember your day, will be the memories captured by your Mallorca Wedding Photographer.


Planning something totally unique or off the grid? Catamaran Elopement through the islands of Greece? Fairytale ceremony in Iceland? A quick escape to Paris Wedding Photographer, Wedding Photography in London, or Madrid? We’re in LOVE with unique and intimate weddings. We’re adventurers, explorers and artists at heart. If you’re planning a wedding somewhere amazing, we have exceptional travel rates! Let us know what you’re dreaming up and we’ll figure something out. As wedding photographers based in Mallorca we’ve seen some amazing spots. Whether your wedding is close to home or far far away, we’d be honoured to be there.

Some moments in life you experience just ONCE

Nowhere is this more true than on your wedding day. Your wedding is a reflection of who you are and the people you cherish the most in the world joining you to celebrate it.

Then one day – it finally arrives!

Its never exactly what you expected! After months or even years of planning and saving up for your dream day, its over in the blink of an eye!

Trust us, when we got married we couldn’t believe how fast it all went by.

No one could of prepared us for just how quickly this huge day comes and goes. So when we received our photos it was the most incredible thing. We’d forgotten SO much about the day in just a few short weeks. Now the photos (and each other, duh!) are all we have left of that amazing day – and we cherish them more than we ever could have guessed.

That’s why your photography is so important. And that’s why people invest so much into their wedding photography.

Wedding photos are memories.

Memories, emotions and moments of time. Each one echoing forevermore the story you see with your eyes and that burns in your heart, but that you just can’t hold still in time! Call it cheesy, call it poetic – but we’re suckers for photography.

Our Wedding Photography Studio

We are located in the South of Mallorca, but frequently photograph weddings all around Mallorca. Places like Soller, Deia, Valldemossa, Calvia, Llucmajor have sone of the most unique and creative wedding venues we have been to! Weddings within the island of Mallorca are free from travel costs.

Do we Travel?

Yes… Absolutely Yes. We travel to mainland Spain and photograph Weddings in Barcelona, Weddings in Valencia, Weddings in Alicante. Please feel free to check our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Finding a Wedding Photographer in Mallorca!

Finding a Mallorca Wedding Photographer is easy. Choosing a wedding photographer is HARD. With so many wedding photographers, it can get overwhelming. Just because a photographer is based in Mallorca, isn’t a guarantee they’re the right fit for your wedding. Having a photographer whose work you LOVE is crazy important – And so is actually LIKING being around them! After all, you’re going to be spending most of your wedding day with your wedding photographer… Its probably important they’re fun to be with!

Lets get to know each other!

Contact us to set up a meeting.


Seeing Wedding Photography Differently

We’re not into oldschool posing or faking moments. Our goal is to capture your day authentically and organically -Its our goal not just to capture gorgeous photos, but to make your wedding photography an incredible experience. We believe that your love story deserves an hand-crafted, one of a kind approach.

Our Style + Vision

We’re big into photographing real moments, real emotions, and natural, candid wedding photography. We’ll step in to tweak where you need a little guidance or help, but we do our best as destination wedding photographers to make sure you feel comfortable and can forget the cameras as much as possible. Our style is more about getting you interacting with each other, rather than a lot of really formal posing!

Because we care deeply about making real connections with our couples, we take only a limited number of weddings per year.

Because we value relationship with our couples, we offer a Complimentary Engagement Photography Session to get to know us before you commit. You wouldn’t invite a stranger to your wedding, so why would you invite a stranger to photograph it?!

Contact Us Now to book yours today.

We will passion to capture all that your story is. Re-experience those memories over and over again, for years (and generations!) to come. We hope that your eyes catch the spirit of our art and that your heart catches the value and meaning within our photos.

Moments Wedding Planner organized a lovely Wedding at Finca Son Marroig


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