Here you will find some of the most common Questions or Doubts Brides and Grooms

have about booking their Wedding Photographer  

What’s your history and experience with wedding photography?  

When I was young, I always had an obsession with taking photos with my father’s lenses and cameras. I was so lucky to have a dark room at home, where my father developed the photos he had taken as an enthusiastic hobbyist. Seeing the process of creating a picture on paper was fascinating for me.

From there I went to study photography in my free time, while at school. I studied something totally different tan photography at University and with the salary of my first job, went and bought a film camera and I knew that my hobby would change into my main job.

Started doing photos for family and Friends, Word of mouth spread out and the snowball gets bigger and bigger. When you realise you are doing photos every single free minute you have.

You can imagine the rest 😊

Can we meet?  

Of course. It will be my pleasure to meet with you over a cup of coffee. From Mondays to Thursdays we can discuss any questions you may have for me about your photoshoot arrange our meeting only on a weekday.  

Can we call you?  

Yes, but please e-mail me all your questions first, I have to be prepared to give you the right answers  

Where are you located?  

We travel a lot and meet our couples in different spots of Palma  and south Mallorca or via Skype/Google Hangouts and Whatsapp Video Call.  

Why am I asking for your Instagram account?  

  I would like to find out more about you before we actually meet.  

Are we your Kind of Client?  

We don’t look at our couples as clients. You are (if you go with us) our friend! We are not your typical vendor, we live the wedding day with you and keep in touch prior and many years after the wedding is over. But we do ask you to kindly review our style prior to deciding on us. We are not your typical wedding photographers. We have a unique style (or we so believe) and it’s very dramatic, colorful and different. We will always capture your day exactly how it went and will photograph your smile, your details and your first kiss. We will do it in a unique kind of way so that no one else will have pictures like that. Our aim is to create images that inspire and keep us moving up. We have been pretty lucky to be found by most amazing people who give us privilege to capture their love. So we never take it lightly or treat it as “another project”.
What we are trying to say is that if you looking for one of a kind images and not afraid to have an awesome experience (and some cool shots after that), we are YOUR KIND WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS!  

Who will be photographing my wedding?  

I pride myself on offering the very best for all of my couples.  In the Wedding Collections we offer, I, Ivan Pomposo, will be your Wedding Photographer. I also work with highly professional and talented associates, to photograph or videograph your wedding. Regardless, I would handle all the office work, communication, and editing of all the weddings so I can relive your memories and edit the best moments of your life.  

We are very shy, uncomfortable in front of a camera.

How can you help us?

I get this concern 90% of the time, and I really do want to help you feel and look your best in front of the camera.I like to break the ice and get your mind off of the worries and help you act naturally like how you two would be with each other if no one else is around.This is why an engagement session is so vital to getting comfortable in front of the lens before your big day!  

How will the day go?  

Timeline is important and we can definitely help you with that. We usually like to spend 90-120 minutes to do the “getting ready” pictures, capturing your beautiful details, taking some awesome candid shots of the couple getting ready and the family and friends helping them in the process. We will also need to set some time aside for the first look (if you want to do that) and family pictures. We will then go with you to the ceremony spot or do the first look or, actually, do whatever you decide to do on your wedding day! If it’s a 20 people wedding or 250 people bash — we are right beside you capturing your day. Most of our work is candid so you will probably not even notice 70-80% of the time. But we will help you with your formal family pictures and capture the venue and have some awesome one on one with both of you to get some amazing formal pictures of the wedding couple. We can stay till the very last guest decides to leave or we can quietly depart after the cake. It’s your day and we are there to help you make it the best day of your life  

Can you replicate this amazing shot on Pinterest?  

We would love to know what is it you are looking for but take into care that, we are not that photographer, you are not that Bride and Groom and probably the location and/or time of day for lighting is different than the one on Pinterest.

We would love to receive your ideas and you can create a Pinterest Board that you can share with us in order to know your taste and likings. This way we will receive your feedback and know your taste.

I think you will be having such an awesome wedding prepared, that your photos will look outstanding, that you will not need to copy others Brides images.

How many photos will be edited?  

All photos that you receive will be edited. You will receive high resolution and edited photos only. The space for our event will not have a lot of light and will be quite dark. How do you work around that issue? I use cameras that have a full frame, which allows capturing even with poor light. I also use prime lens, flash, led lights and softboxes.  

Can I get the Raw images? I am a Photographer  

Sorry but that’s very much like asking Vera Wang to give you her design details/specifics of your wedding dress to be recreated somewhere else. This is our work and our talent so that part is not for sale.  

What is the turnaround time?  

Typically you will start seeing your images 6 weeks after the wedding day. Maybe sooner. Actually, most of the time sooner. We post up to 5 favorite images on our Facebook page and Instagram, so you can tag yourself and your friends if you choose to do so. After that a selection of the Best images are posted on our Webpage. When all images are edited, 6 weeks after or less, you will receive a link to a password-protected online gallery that you can share with your friends and family if you decide to do so.

On this gallery you can also request prints of any picture you, family or friends wish.

Have you worked at my venue before?  

This is on of the Frequently Asked Questions and I am happy to answer. We shoot at a lot of venues across Mallorca, and beyond. If we have not worked at your venue before, we will do our research and schedule a walk-through with your venue.  The goal is to get familiarized with the venue before your big day.  We will scout locations inside and around your venue, in order to find the best light and settings.  

How long for our Wedding album?  

Production times vary, but usually within 4-6 weeks from the time you select your images.  You will receive two layout change approvals before it goes to print.  

Do you keep a backup of our photos?  

We do keep a backup of all your pictures on our external drives and an online cloud-based storage site.  We will host photos for a year.  


Hello! My name is Ivan Pomposo, for more than 15 years I have been professionally engaged in wedding and family photography. 

+34 609 73 94 49

Contact me
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