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For their Securitas Awards in Mallorca, the picturesque island of Mallorca was abuzz with excitement as Securitas Company hosted a magnificent event. The two-day extravaganza kicked off with a glamorous first night cocktail and culminated in a delightful gala dinner at the enchanting Zoetry Sa Torre.

As the sun began to set, guests were welcomed to the Zoetry Sa Torre, a luxurious retreat nestled amidst lush gardens. The air was filled with anticipation as attendees mingled and exchanged warm greetings, surrounded by the stunning beauty of the venue. The first night cocktail was a showcase of elegance and sophistication, with stylishly dressed guests sipping on signature cocktails and enjoying delectable canapés expertly crafted by the talented culinary team.

This was a magnificient setting to host the Securitas Awards in Mallorca event.

The following day, the celebration continued at the renowned Bodegas Angel, a picturesque winery nestled in the heart of Mallorca’s stunning countryside. The setting provided a perfect backdrop for an interactive and immersive experience: a paella cooking session. Guests were divided into teams and guided by skilled chefs who shared the secrets of crafting the perfect paella. Laughter and friendly competition filled the air as the teams engaged in friendly banter, striving to create the most delicious and authentic paella. The aroma of saffron, spices, and simmering ingredients filled the winery, creating an irresistible temptation for all.

As the paella dishes reached their culinary crescendo, it was time to sit down and savor the fruits of their labor. A long communal table was adorned with vibrant floral arrangements and set with exquisite tableware, embodying the essence of Mediterranean charm. The guests indulged in a gastronomic feast, relishing the flavors of the freshly prepared paellas paired with carefully selected local wines. The atmosphere was filled with camaraderie and contentment as everyone raised their glasses in a toast to the success of Securitas Company and the unforgettable experience shared together.

The Securitas Awards in Mallorca showcased not only the company’s achievements but also its commitment to fostering strong relationships and creating memorable experiences. From the elegant first night cocktail at Zoetry Sa Torre to the interactive paella cooking session at Bodegas Angel, every moment was meticulously planned to ensure a truly exceptional and immersive celebration. The event left a lasting impression on all who attended, forging bonds and memories that would be cherished for years to come.

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