Ilona Novackova with her Dogs. Mallorca Wedding, Corporate & Social Photographer

Portrait Dogs, is a Fantastic Portrait Photo Session, taken normally in your house, although if you wish a High-End Studio Portrait Dogs Session, my Studio is available for this purpose.

I have decided to create this format of Portraits at home in order to bring a Portrait Photographer closer to families and singles giving them the opportunity of having Studio Portraits taken at home.

The process is simple, we need to book an online meeting with me, the Portrait Photographer so we can know each other, so I can understand your needs and I can offer you some guidance prior to the photoshoot.

Take into care that it is also an opportunity to get to know you, for you to see me……I am human…… and it is just another person behind the camera, as well as you are.

I understand that I am entering your private home, your place and this can create discomfort or insecurity towards accepting me in, but do not fear. I have been in the business for over 10 years and always privacy, discretion and service have been my goals towards my clients.

You may need someone else’s comment or advice to feel comfortable with my presence, so please the comments I have on my Google Business Page with Happy clients.

All the privacy and discretion are applied and involved in these photo sessions.

Our Pets have a shorter lifespan than we do, and therefore we need to take advantage of Photo Sessions like these Portrait Dogs, in order to create lovely and everlasting memories of us with our pets.

To get a natural pose, we sometimes need to pose unnaturally or in an awkward way, but from the point of view of the camera you look stunning.

We are not natural posers and usually get very nervous in front of a camera, therefore we need to build trust and confidence between the client and me, the photographer.

If we do this in a distressed way, with time, coffee, being positive, offering a happy face and always with a smile, we accomplish and manage to deliver the best images of you and your beloved ones.

 CLOTHING BY: Reebok x Victoria Beckham and Ralf Lauren.  


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