BMW — the 7 — Worlwide Presentation in Mallorca. Mallorca Wedding, Corporate & Social Photographer

Iván es un gran profesional. Como agencia nos encanta trabajar con él en nuestros eventos corporativos.

Su flexibilidad, predisposición y profesionalidad se reflejan en los resultados.  

Due to Confidentiality, most images are not allowed to be shown

This month of October I had the pleasure to photograph the Work Conference of the Team BMW Middle East.

The presentation was for the new model 7 of BMW coming out to the market shortly.

This corporate event was TaylorMade by Jacqueline at Nima Events and every moment and detail were put together in a flawless way.

Great presentation of the New 7 series of BMW for their Worldwide clients. We were so fortunate to have the presentation in Mallorca. On this occasion we had the opportunity of documenting the Middle East Team Members of BMW, throughout their stay in Mallorca, where they attended conferences, car presentations, road tours and Gala dinners.

Due to professional discretion, I cannot post any images of the members attending the conference nor direct aspects of the conference, therefore, I am only showing a public overview of the event.

At the Pomposo we have been photographing Corporate Events since 2010 and we have incorporated video since 2018, in order to give our clients full coverage of their needs and preserving the confidentiality of their meetings.

We are well known on the island for our experience in photographing car presentations, from road tours, conferences, WoW Presentations, Gala Dinners and so on.

Ivan Pomposo Photography & Design


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